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The Long Road to Texas

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Our little family does not have the luxury of staying in one place for long. That being said, I make sure that as soon as we get settled into our new home I jump into exploring and serving my new community. The past two years of helping clients buy and sell real estate on the coast of North Carolina has been incredible to say the least. I have met incredible people, formed forever friendships, helped sell and stage some gorgeous homes and loved every minute of it!

When the time came for my husband to begin his new job in Corpus Christi, I stayed behind to assist my clients. It wasn't until months later that I felt comfortable transitioning to Texas. I needed to know that my work had been complete and clients were more than satisfied. This meant it was time to load up and make the long drive to our new home.

I knew that I wanted to make this road trip fun and packed with memory making moments. Bravely, my mother and mother-in-law joined the adventure that included Atlanta and New Orleans. You can see we used our time to rest from the miles in the car with beignets, local music, bike tours and all New Orleans had to give!

The drive took us 3 days, countless convenience store snacks, coffee spills and numb lower limbs, we were very ready to reach our destination. When we thought about what we wanted out of our time in Corpus, we made the decision to be on the island, close to the beach and wake up to the canal every morning. Once we found the perfect place, I began making our new space on Padre Island a home.

Now that I am officially a local, licensed and comfortable in my new home, I can not wait to serve Corpus Christi with my whole heart, share my passion with my clients and assist our community in buying and selling real estate. Happy to be here Texas, cheers!


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