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​Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime which automatically can make it the most stressful. This event should be a celebrated and enjoyable experience and I want to insure this is the case for you. Weather you are buying real estate for investment purposes or for your family to call home, I will work hard on your behalf, insuring you pay below to fair market value, negotiate fearlessly in your favor, bring my years of expertise to best navigate and represent you through the entire process.  


Discussing your wish list

I want to know everything about your needs and desires when it comes to purchasing real estate. We will discus the perfect location, style, size, and all of the features that you wish to have in your new home. I will use all of my resources and techniques to locate the best properties that Zillow and others cannot.

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Scheduling and touring potential homes

​I will make every contact for the homes that interest you and schedule secured showings that fit your schedule. I look forward showing these properties to you and hearing your opinions and finding the home that is the right fit.


Making the offer and getting the home you want

Once we have found the perfect home, you will need your agent to act quickly and secure your offer is first in line and accepted. This can be a stressful time in the process when buyers and sellers negotiate details, especially if there are multiple people wanting the same home. However, I am here to relieve that stress by making creative recommendations that will make your offer stand out and negotiating fiercely on your behalf. 


Once terms are to your liking and agreed upon, I will assist you in executing the contract. There will be many steps, documents, inspections and important timelines that need to be met in order to make it to your closing day with ease. My work for you is far from over. I will continue to offer professional advice, fill out and file all paperwork, insure deadlines are met, loyally represent and protect all of your interests, and insure you have a clear understanding and comfort with every decision and step along the way. 


Closing day

​It has been 30-45 days filled with decisions, negotiations, hard work, and we have made it to closing day. Before signing final paperwork, we will walk through the home to insure any and every detail promised by the seller has been complete. I will also personally go over your final closing costs, credits and incentives on your closing disclosure to be sure everything is exactly as it should be and that nothing was missed. Lastly, I will physically be at the closing table with you to answer and address any questions or issues that may arise. I want to insure you are comfortable and understand these final steps. Then finally, I will hand you your keys to your new home!